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The Gulf War

Last Updated: Thursday, 27. May 2004 22:26 -0400

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The Gulf War
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1990 (before U.S. was militarily involved)

July 17-Hussein accuses Kuwait of overproduction & theft of oil from the Rumalia Oil Field

July 25- April Glaspie (U.S. ambassador to Iraq) tells Hussein the Iraq/Kuwait dispute is an Arab matter, not one affecting the U.S.

Aug 2-Hussein invades Kuwait, Pres. Bush freezes Iraqi & Kuwaiti assets, U.N. calls on Hussein to withdraw

1990 (U.S. becomes militarily involved and beyond)

Aug 7- Sec. Of Def. Cheney visits Saudi Arabia, 82nd Airborne and several fighter squadrons are dispatched

Aug 8- Iraq annexes Kuwait

Aug 9- U.N. declares Iraq’s annexation invalid

Aug 22- Pres. Bush authorizes call up of reserves

Aug 25- Military interdiction authorized by UN

Nov 8- Bush orders additional deployments to give “offensive option” to US forces

Nov 29- UN Security Council authorizes force if Iraq doesn’t withdraw from Kuwait by midnight EST on Jan 5


Jan 9- resultless meeting between Sec. Of State James Baker and Tariq Aziz

Jan 12- Congress votes to allow for U.S. troops to be used in offensive operations

Jan 16- 1st US Government Statement of Operation: Desert Storm made

          -Martin Fitzwater announces, “The liberation of Kuwait has begun…”

 -The air war started Jan 17 at 2:38am (local time) or Jan 16 at 6:38pm EST          w/ Apache Helicopter attack

-US warplanes attack Baghdad, Kuwait, and other military targets in Iraq

Jan 17- Iraq launches first SCUD missile attack

Jan 30- US forces in Gulf exceed 500,000

Feb 13- US bombers destroy a bunker complex in Baghdad w/ several hundred citizens inside, nearly 300 die

Feb 17- Tariq Aziz travels to Moscow to discus possible negotiated end to war

Feb 22- Pres. Bush issues ultimatum of Feb 23 for Iraqi troops to withdraw from Kuwait

Feb 23- Ground War begins w/ Marines, Army and Arab forces moving into Iraq and Kuwait

Feb 27- Pres Bush orders a cease fire effective at midnight Kuwaiti time

Mar 3- Iraqi leaders formally accept cease fire terms

Mar 8- first US combat forces return home

Future Connection- There is an obvious connection to be made with the present day “War on Terrorism” in Iraq and the Middle East.  It helps to explain the hate between the Hussein regime and the US gov.  The Gulf War can also be viewed as a precursor to 9/11 and other terrorist attacks.

Impact on the Decade- The war damaged oil wells in Iraq and Kuwait, fighting interrupted supply chains, changed military staffing, and made Israel more insecure due to the fact the Arab nations were angered by the US’s stance and fighting.  The other Arab nations were also perturbed because all trade between them and Iraq (and/or Kuwait) was halted.