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Standard Format

Last Updated: Thursday, 27. May 2004 22:26 -0400

Justin Gilardone

The Invasion of Canada

Why the invasion of Canada started…

    [Paragraphs of info]  It's especially important that you explain WHY the events happened.  All causes must be explored. 

What happened during the invasion of Canada...

    [Paragraphs of info]  It's important that you mention what happened, as well.

How the invasion of Canada influenced life in the decade… 

    [Paragraphs of info]  THE IMPACT ON LIFE IN THE DECADE IS KEY! 

Longer Term Impact of the invasion of Canada…

    [Paragraph of info]  In the 90's project, this is the least important paragraph. 


Copy all of the above text into your word processor, and change the names so it coincides with yours.  When you complete it, write the date in the corner, and email or upload the file to me.  A printed copy would also be nice, but is no substitute for digital.